Professional AV Media - Blank Tape

Precision Disc now has Professional AV Media for professionals in the video production and broadcast industry. Our selection of Blank Tape from Fujifilm and Sony provide the quality, reliability and performance that professionals require and depend on. The products noted below are in stock and ready for delivery, but if you're looking for a different product specification or option we have a wider range or products available.

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As the developer of Japan's first broadcast-use video tape
in 1959, Fujifilm has long been a leader in professional
video tape technology. Constantly innovating to raise
performance, Fujifilm is committed to opening up new possibilities for digital video production and broadcasting.

Fujifilm Professional AV Tape and Blank Media

Fuji Digital BetaCam
Fuji BetaCam SP
Fuji DVC Pro
Fuji DVD Pro HD
Fuji Mini DV
Fuji LTO

For today's broadcasters, high definition is just one imperative. You're also being asked to produce more content, faster than ever at higher quality and lower cost - and Sony Professional Media helps you cover all those bases and more. Quality, dependability and durability are assured with Sony.

Sony Professional AV Tape and Blank Media

Sony DBC
Sony BSP
Sony DBC
Sony BSP


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