Maximizing Your Radio Play Royalties

Maximizing Your Radio Play RoyaltiesCollection and Distribution of Royalties

SOCAN (the Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada) is a not-for-profit organization that represents tens of thousands of Canadian performers through the collection and distribution of performance royalties.

Through improvements in the abilities to track radio play, SOCAN is set to receive 100% of the census-performance data from over 200 radio stations, which represents most all major stations across Canada and covers most genres of music. It is estimated this will mean more than 18 million radio performances with be captured each year which, in turn, means more royalties will be collected for more artists than ever before.

This data is provided to SOCAN through a relationship with Nielsen BDS.

Radio Airplay and Online Streaming Measurement

Nielsen BDS is the leading provider of radio performance monitoring, and tracks and reports on the airplay of songs across radio, television and the internet using a digital pattern recognition technology. Using this technology, Nielsen tracks more than 100 million song performances on more than 2,000 radio, satellite radio, streaming and music video channels across North America.

Submit Your Music to Nielsen BDS for Radio Airplay Tracking Ė for FREE!

In order for Nielsen BDS to match songs with performing artists, they regularly receive and encode songs from record labels, management companies, radio stations and other entities.  

If youíre releasing your songs to commercial radio in major markets, and you know that your music hasnít already been submitted to Nielsen BDS, then hereís your chance to maximize your royalties by submitting your music to Nielsen BDSÖ for free.

First: Read Nielsenís Frequently Asked Questions. [PDF]
Second: Follow Nielsenís Music Submission Process.